Institute of the Weltethos Foundation
at the University of Tübingen

Welcome to the Weltethos Institute!

The Weltethos Institute (also Global Ethic Institute) is a research and teaching institution at the University of Tübingen with the aim of anchoring value orientation and trust in business and society.

The focus is on offering competence in learning about identity and encounter, as well as ethical language and action in the age of globalization. As part of Hans Küng’s “Global Ethic Project“, the Institute addresses the following question in various ways: Under what conditions can we survive together in cultural, ideological and religious diversity on an habitable earth and shape our individual and social life in a humane way?

To this end, dialogue learning programmes are developed for students and people in organisations and companies. For example, the Global Ethic Ambassador Program for managers or our World Citizen School’s Social Innovation Program for young leaders and student initiatives.

Through research, teaching and transfer into practice, we are committed in this way to a culture of sustainable economic activity for fellow citizens, the environment and posterity.

The director of the institute is theologian and entrepreneur Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrich Hemel.
The institute is supported by the Karl Schlecht Foundation.

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