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What can and should the ECB contribute to the climate crisis?

The Global Ethic Research Group sets critical accents at its conference at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. Here you can find the talks on YouTube. The new sustainability strategy of the European Central Bank was the focus of an academic conference of the Global Ethic Research Group Finance and Business on October 13

“From Humanistic to Mechanistic Economics – and Back?”

The former director of the Institute, Prof. Dr. Claus Dierksmeier, has published an essay on the fundamental connection between ethics and economics. Comparing how Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, and Adam Smith understood economics, Prof. Dr. Claus Dierksmeier states that across centuries and different models of society there was a substantial connection between economics and morality or

Sustainable Investment – The scientific foundation behind the trend

The Frankfurt-Hohenheim Guidelines of our Finance and Economics Research Group (formerly FGEÖR) laid the scientific foundation in the 1990s for a megatrend that we can currently observe. Sustainability ratings and sustainable finance are on the rise, and Deutsche Börse has now made a clear commitment to this for its part with its majority stake in

Research Group publishes book on ethical financial policies of the ECB

With the publication of its new book, the Global Ethic Research Group on Finance and Business calls on the European Parliament to ensure more transparency and ethics in the financial policy of the European Central Bank. The framework conditions for a sustainable financial and economic policy of the European Community are the focus of the