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Lessons of the “Tübingen Way” in the Pandemic

On March 29, Mayor Boris Palmer spoke together with host Dr. Christopher Gohl about the learning experiences of the “Tübingen Way”. The discussion was the 18th and, for the time being, last event in the public lecture series on “Weltethos Talk of the Town: What Do We Learn in Tübingen from the Corona Crisis?”.

When our “Weltethos Talk of the Town” on Tübingen Lessons from the Corona Crisis started in November 2020, “the Tübingen Way” or even the “Tübingen Model” were not yet a topic for the nationwide public. But rapid testing, protection for particularly vulnerable groups, creative and solidarity-based initiatives, proximity as well as dialogue between researchers, the medical profession and politics, and other factors of the Tübingen Way had already begun to show their effect. In the 18th Talk of the Town, we draw a preliminary conclusion and, together with Mayor Boris Palmer, explore the question of what has made the Tübingen Way the much-cited model in Germany – and what the other places could possibly still learn from the model city of Tübingen.

You can watch the City Talk Weltethos with English subtitles here: