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Responsible Communication

The communications industry is in a crisis that touches on its very foundation: its own credibility. The demand for professional communication in the economy is high, but social trust in it is at a low point. The project “Responsible Communication” aims to promote ethos, dialogue and credibility in the communications industry and thus increase the visibility of good, i.e. responsible and convincing communication.

The aim is to develop handbooks (including rating tools for the measurability of judgements in and within the company) and workshops to strengthen communication professionals in their dialogue-oriented approach to social challenges and to increase the visibility of credible communication work. The project team, consisting of strong practice partners and supported by the German Council for Public Relations, thus aims to develop a learning programme for self- and world responsibility in the communications industry that will be effective on three levels:

  • Individual / Communications officer
  • Team / Company
  • Branch / Society

One focus is especially on the responsible use of new technologies in business communication.


In addition to the Global Ethic principles of humanity and reciprocity, the project refers to the six guiding values of the German Code of Communication:

Transparency – Integrity – Social Responsibility/ Fairness – Truthfulness – Loyalty – Professionalism

In November 2019, the project community asked the DRPR to add a seventh to the Guiding Principles for the responsible use of new technologies.