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Social Innovation Program

The Social Innovation Program (SIP) of our World Citizen School teaches ethical design, leadership and management skills. It is aimed at students and young professionals who want to reflect and apply what they have learned in their own practical environment.

The SIP is based on an emancipatory educational approach that encourages social entrepreneurship and participation in order to make one’s own project ideas or a non-profit foundation become reality. The workshops impart the “4-C” key qualifications in varying degrees of intensity and serve as an amplifier of personal co-determination and co-determination skills in business, politics, science or society:

  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Critical thinking

The programme covers only relevant topics of social entrepreneurial activity. As a minimum, we recommend participation in the Social Innovation Day, the Social Innovation Camp as well as Agile Project Design, Team Leadership, Ethical Business Models and Coaching and the online learning units of the yooweedoo platform.

Analysing challenges, developing ideas, working out solutions, planning projects, working strategically, developing your own personality, practicing constructive dialogue, developing the organization – 2 days, 2 ECTS