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Weltethos Ambassador Day

Weltethos Ambassador Day

You want to anchor common values in your company? You’d like to have methods with which you can apply the idea of global ethics in your company? You want to work more on dialog and trust in your company? No problem – that’s all possible!

The next Weltethos Ambassador training session for leaders will be held on April 16, 2021.

With our Executive Learning Program, you can improve your team’s trust, cooperation, and productivity, create an early warning system for ethically problematic cases, and obtain the confidential advice of the Weltethos Institute in critical cases. As an ambassador, you become part of the global ethics community on the part of your company and work on your ability to act and speak ethically.
Please register for this event.

There is a participation fee (except for university members).

Date: 16.04.2021
Location: Weltethos-Institut
Time: From 10:00:00 to 17:30:00