Institute of the Weltethos Foundation
at the University of Tübingen

For me, Global Ethic means the possibility of coexistence despite all differences and also marks clear boundaries where violence, discrimination and hatred are involved.

Arben Kukaj

Arben Kukaj completed his university entrance qualification at the Hermann-Gundert-Schule business high school in Calw. Afterwards, he studied philosophy, political science and English at the University of Tübingen, but after two years of teaching experience, he switched to the bachelor’s program “Interdisciplinary American Studies”. Already during his studies, he worked as a freelance web video producer for political and philosophical educational content. In 2018, he accepted an assistant position in IT and technology at the Global Ethic Institute and since 2020 has been responsible for this area as well as for selected formats in the area of press and public relations.

Arben Kukaj
Technik & IT