Institute of the Weltethos Foundation
at the University of Tübingen

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“Cultures of Humanity”

The China Centre Tübingen, the Erich Fromm Institute, and the Weltethos Institute are planning more joint events.

In Tübingen, the Karl Schlecht Foundation supports not only the Weltethos Institute, but also the China Centre Tübingen and the Erich Fromm Institute, which are located in the immediate vicinity of the Weltethos Institute. It thus enables a holistic educational program that contributes to intercultural and ethical education as well as the personal development of students. All three institutions serve to promote cultures of humanity in the spirit of the Karl Schlecht Foundation and the founder Karl Schlecht. He initiated a meeting among the three funded institutions on July 16, 2020. The institute directors agree that each institution stands for a “culture of humanity” in its own way, be it due to the preoccupation with values in China, be it due to the psychosocial prerequisites of value-rational action in the sense of Erich Fromm, or be it through the promotion of trust in business in connection with the humane core of global ethic values (program for learning about responsibility to ones’ self and the world). Thus, the three institutes will examine the respective cultural contexts of humanity, work on their commonalities and differences, develop insights and impulses for action as well as inspirations for the different groups of addressees, and work together on developing the culture of humanity. They will also discuss formats for this cooperation.