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The first Young Ambassador Day

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With the Young Ambassador Day for students and young professionals, the Global Ethic Institute expands its own learning program in the sector of practice. What has been implemented with the Global Ethic Ambassador Program in the field of executive learning for managers since 2019 is also to be made fruitful for a younger generation. The earlier competence in dealing with ethical conflict situations is strengthened, the earlier solutions within corporations and organizations can be found. In the best case, problems do not even have to “work their way up” to management level, but can be recognized more immediately and handled competently.

The seven participants in the training, which now took place on Friday, October 29, 2021 after a one-year, Covid-19-induced delay and a digital launch in April, consisted of students and young professionals from a variety of industries.

The program introduces participants to the basics of Hans Küng’s Global Ethic project and its relevance to business. By applying the methods of the ethical toolbox to concrete case studies, it trains the ability to reflect, speak and act ethically in the context of companies and organizations, thus providing the breeding ground for future value-oriented corporate management.

How is it dealt with in the team when a colleague does not live up to her responsibilities, her obligations and the trust placed in her? Does the value of loyalty to a colleague outweigh the value of honesty toward superiors? May established rules of procedure with clients be broken if it serves the best interests of a large number of clients? Lively discussions about the weighing of these and similar dilemma situations, both in the internal and external corporate context, characterized the first Young Ambassador Day.

The Young Ambassadors will also become part of the Global Ethic Community and will not only be able to network with each other, but will also be able to exchange ideas with previous Ambassadors within the framework of the Community offerings and benefit from the existing wealth of experience.

The next event will take place on April 29, 2022.

Photos: © Philipp Sigle / Global Ethic Institute