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The seventh Global Ethic Ambassador training course

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On March 31, 2023, another Global Ethic Ambassador training took place, now the seventh training since the start in 2019. We are happy to announce that our Global Ethic Ambassador Community now counts 66 members.

It was an eventful day. During a joint breakfast, the participants could already get to know each other and thus start the training strengthened. After the official welcome by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.. Ulrich Hemel, Director of the Global Ethic Institute, there was a round of introductions.

Here, the focus was primarily on ethical issues that concern the participants: “Changes in the company and leadership culture,” “How do we deal with research on AI?”, “Dealing with inclusion” or even “Consulting for slot machine manufacturers” are examples of the wide range of topics, which also reflects the diversity of our participants. Not only the precious metal trade was represented, but also educational and social enterprises and research institutions.

After introductions and a search for guidance on these ethical issues, Dr. Villhauer and Dr. Gohl presented the basics of the Global Ethic Project and its perspectives in an interesting and entertaining dialogue format.

Following a wonderful lunch, Prof. Hemel provided insight into why good corporate and leadership practice requires ethical language and action. In this context, the ethical toolbox of the Global Ethic Institute was also presented.

Afterwards, the interactive part of this training started with group work and the processing of ethical dilemmas from practice. These group results, such as the clarification of values and possible solutions, were presented and discussed in a large round. This time, too, there was plenty of room for exchange and discussion.

At the end, the participants received their certificates in a small ceremony.

We are looking forward to welcoming more Global Ethic Ambassadors to our community and hope for continued lively exchange!

For more information on the Global Ethic Ambassador Program, please click here.

Our next Global Ethic Ambassador Day will take place on Friday, October 06, 2023.