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Data ethics between societal aspirations and operational practice

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The expansion of artificial intelligence and machine learning into many areas of everyday life has led to the emergence of major social concerns and uncertainties, for example regarding possible discrimination in the digital space or the emergence of a “superintelligence”. The topic of data ethics is therefore playing an increasingly important role, particularly in economic contexts, but increasingly also in medical and educational contexts.

At the end of June 2023, Springer has now published the anthology “Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Theory and Practice”, a publication that aims to build a bridge between theoretical foundations and practical applications in companies. Our institute director Ulrich Hemel has contributed an article here on the topic of “Data ethics between social aspirations and corporate practice”.

After a general introduction to the history of data ethics, Ulrich Hemel’s article takes up four areas of application of data ethics: data-ethical individual ethics, data-ethical professional ethics, data-ethical institutional ethics, and data-ethical social ethics with a view to society as a whole. The goal of data ethics should be the responsible action of its actors at the individual (persons), institutional (companies, universities), and political (states and legislators) levels.