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Ethics in Cyber Valley

Digitization and, in particular, developments in artificial intelligence (AI) affect us all. We all have to think about how we want to deal with the ethical implications and the social consequences of this epochal break (cf. U. Hemel, Kritik der digitalen Vernunft).

We see the engagement of our Institute Director Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrich Hemel as deputy speaker of the public advisory board, the Public Advisory Board (PAB) of the Cyber Valley Initiative as part of our engagement at the Weltethos-Institut with the complex thematic field of ethics, digitalization and AI. The independent PAB is involved in the selection and evaluation of Cyber Valley research projects to ensure greater transparency regarding the ethical and societal implications of AI research. 

A particular concern is to involve AI researchers in the ethical discussion. “The dialogue between the independent advisory board and researchers should help shape AI for the benefit of humanity,” says Michael J. Black, Cyber Valley spokesperson, in this official press release. 

To engage researchers in the ethical discussion, the Weltethos-Institut Tübingen, together with the International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities at the University of Tübingen (IZEW), is developing a course offering that will foster researchers’ individual ethical reflection, language and action skills. Part of this is an English-language introductory video, which we are happy to make available for interested parties in this context as well. Ulrich Hemel provides an initial overview of important aspects and issues of the topic, offers an excursus into the philosophical foundations of decision-making, and explains methodological processes for ethical decision-making.