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From employer branding to employee brands

The race for talent and skilled workers is in full effect. To find and retain suitable employees, companies come up with a lot of ideas and often spend a lot of money. Statistics show, however, that of all things, the “soft factor” of company culture is considered the most relevant factor for or against a change of job.

In her keynote speech at the Gravity Conference on May 4 in Berlin, Anna Tomfeah, Head of Press and Public Relations at the Global Ethic Institute and Managing Director of the ResCom Academy, demonstrated the crucial role that practiced values, participation and internal communication play in employee retention. She highlighted the learning path that companies need to take if they want to move from being an employer brand to a credible employee brand.

“Ethos is the key to securing capital of meaning and trust in corporate communications. Those who focus only on image not only damage reputation, but also employee retention,” Tomfeah said.

The lecture was very well received and met with further demand on the topic.

Credit: Quadriga Media Berlin