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Global Ethic Community Day

On July 16 and 17, our first Global Ethic Community Day took place at Hotel Herrmann in Münsingen. Two Young Ambassadors, 9 Global Ethic Ambassadors, the Chair of our Friends Association as well as our Director and Ambassador Program Initiator Ulrich Hemel, Managing Director Bernd Villhauer, Ambassador Coordinator Elena van den Berg and Head of Press and Public Relations, Anna Tomfeah were present from the Institute team.

In the area of practice, our goal is to facilitate exchange on the implementation of the global ethic idea in business, to promote dialogue on various aspects of ethical business management, and to provide relevant professional input for the growing membership of the global ethic community. In the same way, we want to develop as an institute with our offerings based on the exchange and learn from the different opinions and perspectives in the Global Ethic Community.

The community is made up of Global Ethic Ambassadors and project partners as well as the Friends of the Global Ethic Institute. Whether digitally or – whenever possible – in person and in presence, we regularly offer the opportunity for exchange and networking with the Ambassador Program and accompanying it, for example, through the Ambassador News and Ambassador Dinners.

On Friday afternoon, the focus was on the handbook “Credible Corporate Communications,” which had just been published by Anna Tomfeah and Ambassador Heidrun Haug. Content input and discussion led to the joint application of the Ethical Rating Tool, as Ambassador Klaus Peter Betz explains in his contribution to the handbook and implements in his professional practice. As is often the case, the limited time available allowed only a glimpse of the concepts and their application, but this was no less valuable and led to new insights and inspiration on the part of both the participants and the authors.

On Saturday, Ulrich Hemel and Bernd Vilhauer provided a deeper insight into the activities and work areas of the Institute and, of course, we took the time at the end to gather feedback, inspiration, wishes and ideas for future event formats for the joint further development of various topics. We want to build on this in the future as well as on the contacts that could be established between the Association of Friends, future and long-standing Global Ethic Ambassadors, project partners and Young Ambassadors.

We are motivated by the increasing interest in our programs and offers, the commitment of the participants and it shows that through networking in the community we can set impulses and accompany and advance changes.