Institute of the Weltethos Foundation
at the University of Tübingen

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Human Rights – Globalization – Economy

Institute Director Ulrich Hemel spoke about the scope and limits of corporate responsibility as an actor in civil society at a conference held at Bonifatius House in Fulda on April 22. This was an event held by the Catholic Academy of the Diocese of Fulda, in cooperation with the Association of Catholic Entrepreneurs, the Weltethos Institute Tübingen and the Institute for Social Strategy.

The Supply Chain Act is being voted on by the German parliament after long years of discussion. In the future, it aims to enable better protection of people and the environment in the global economy. But environmental groups and human rights organizations criticize that the law does not go far enough. Inquiries are coming from the business community as to how German companies can meet their responsibilities at a reasonable cost. What can a supply chain law actually do?