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Nine new Ambassadors at the ninth training course

How can we recognize and deal with ethical conflicts in the workplace? How can we sharpen our ethical judgment when making business decisions? How do I deal with ethical conflicts as an investor?

On Friday, 22 March 2024, the ninth Global Ethic Ambassador Day since the program was founded, nine participants addressed these and similar questions. They learned about the global ethic idea, expanded their ethical language and action skills and were sensitized to ethical conflicts and dilemmas.

The day began once again with a joint breakfast, where the participants were able to get to know each other and start the training session feeling refreshed. After the official welcome by Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ulrich Hemel, there was a round of introductions, which focused primarily on ethical questions from the participants:

In addition to many individual ethical questions („What values do I pass on and how?“, „How does trust actually develop?“), the participants were also moved by socio-ethical questions („What can and must an affordable healthcare system achieve?“ „How can housing construction succeed in the area of conflict between sustainability and demand?“) as well as pressing socio-political questions („Can war also be ethical?“).

These are examples of the wide range of topics that the participants brought with them. This time, people from the healthcare and insurance sectors, consulting and financial companies as well as research institutions were represented.
After discussing these questions and an initial search for answers, Anna Tomfeah and Dr. Bernd Villhauer presented the foundations of the Global Ethic Project and its perspectives in an interesting and entertaining dialog format.

Ulrich Hemel then gave an insight into why good corporate and management practice requires the ability to speak and act ethically. The ethical toolbox and the Global Ethic Institute’s methods manual were also presented in this context. The lively discussions continued over lunch.
After the break, the interactive part of the training began: a role play based on the COP28 conference illustrated the difficulty of navigating between particular interests and unifying values and goals. At the same time, the cultural change of perspective and the assumption of roles helped to sharpen sensitivity for ethical conflicts of language and action.

This was followed by further group work on ethical dilemmas in business practice. The group results were presented and discussed in a large group. There was plenty of room for exchange and discussion, which also characterized the coffee break. The day ended in a relaxed atmosphere and with a small ceremony to present the certificates of participation.

„A worthwhile event due to the fruitful input and exchange on ethics and values, where I was able to meet wonderful people,“ was the feedback from one participant.

We are delighted to welcome nine more committed Global Ethic Ambassadors to our community and hope to continue the lively exchange – for example on Global Ethic Community Day on June 12.

Further information on the Global Ethic Ambassador Program can be found here.

We would also like to invite you to the next training session on Friday, September 27.

If you’re interested in becoming Global Ethic Ambassador yourself, please contact Cornelia Kress (