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On the role of the ECB in regard to the climate crisis

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What role can and should the European Central Bank play in combating climate change? The anthology of our Global Ethics Research Group on Finance and Business, which examines this question from different perspectives, has just been published. Edited by our Executive Director Dr. Bernd Villhauer, Prof. Dr. Harald Bolsinger and Prof. Dr. Johannes Hoffmann, the volume was produced as a follow-up to the symposium “On the Role of the ECB in the Climate Crisis” held in Frankfurt in 2020.

The book provides an overview of the European Central Bank’s new strategic decisions and its role in the fight against climate change. The authors (unfortunately no female authors hahahah) offer an interdisciplinary and critical look at the ECB’s sustainability strategy and highlight opportunities and challenges the ECB faces in promoting sustainable finance.

Table of Content

  1. From “Climate Finance” to “Climate Finance Society” to a Culture of Sustainability: Changing Perspectives on the ECB’s New Strategy
    • Harald J. Bolsinger, Ulrich Klüh
    Pages 1-6
  2. Sustainable Finance: What Has Happened—What Needs to Happen?
    • von Johannes Hoffmann
    Pages 7-10
  3. The New Sustainability Strategy of the ECB
    • Peter Ehrlich
    Pages 11-15
  4. Independently Green? An Integrated Strategy for a Transformative ECB
    • Ulrich Klüh, Janina Urban
    Pages 17-64
  5. Credibility in the Financial Market: A Practical Perspective
    • von Jens Minnemann
    Pages 65-79
  6. Fundamental Rights in the Core Business of the ECB: Still No Issue
    • Harald J. Bolsinger
    Pages 81-110
  7. What to Do with Modern Money Theory (MMT)?
    • von Dirk Ehnts
    Pages 111-122
  8. The Role of the EU Taxonomy
    • Bernd Villhauer
    Pages 123-128