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Our Third Weltethos Community Day

For the third time, our Weltethos Community Day was held. On July 26th, Weltethos Ambassadors and staff members came together at the Global Ethic Institute to exchange ideas on “Humane Globalization” and “Professional Ethics for AI Professions”. The day itself ended with a visit to Villa Hügel in Tübingen, a housing project for Ukrainian refugees.

A short video review of the day

The Community Day started at 10 a.m. after a small breakfast together with a welcome by Institute Director Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrich Hemel followed by his keynote speech on the topic of “Dignified Globalization“.

Afterwards, the 10 Weltethos Theses on Globalization Respecting Human Dignity were presented in small groups under the moderation of Mira Weiss. They had been prepared by the staff of the Global Ethic Institute and were now discussed or complemented.

After a wonderful lunch the participants got an interesting insight into the work of Cyber Valley in Tübingen by Ms. Rebecca Beiter, Director Communications & Society (CCO): “How does Cyber Valley do it“.

Afterwards, Ulrich Hemel presented the work of the Global Ethic Institute on this topic: The Guidelines on a Professional Ethic for AI Professions were developed together with various representatives of the industry. These and previous experiences with AI gave rise to a stimulating discussion.

This successful day was topped off by the walk to Villa Hügel in Tübingen: There, the participants got an insight into the project “Renovation of the accommodation by refugees from Ukraine and volunteers” by Jens Schaumann, project coordinator and at the same time vice-chairman of the Freundeskreis Weltethos-Institut. With a delicious meal prepared by house residents, the evening ended nicely with interesting conversations.

Photos & Video: Mira Weiss / Global Ethic Institute