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Sources of Hope – Our new annual Theme

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We can perceive the world in very different ways: pessimistically and optimistically, as a place of threats or opportunities, in shadow and light. Our global situation, currently marked by wars and crises, overshadowed by ecological destruction and self-destruction, offers much cause for despair. But the Global Ethic Institute in Tübingen has set out to do something to counter the despair: In 2023, we are looking for sources of hope together with you.

Which people and ideas give us courage and strength? Which economic and social solutions allow us to be confident? But also: Which media (discourses) strengthen hope and which ones do not? Which insights or forecasts allow us to continue on the path that seems so interminably long? Where are there courageous questions, factual answers and human appreciation – in business, science, politics or civil society?

We want to find the often overlooked bearers of hope in the present: in all countries, all sciences and everywhere in the transformations of the economy. We will describe many concrete examples that represent progress and improvement. We invite you to look with us at the sources of hope. Let’s make 2023 a year of beginnings!