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The German Supply Chain Act is here – now what?

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On January 12, Dr. Hannes Kuch, a Fellow of the Global Ethic Institute, was a guest at our “Exploration Dinner” format. Over pizza and wine, he spoke with guests from business, media and academia about his research on the opportunities and limits of the Supply Chain Act with regard to corporate responsibility and the economy.

It was made clear: Even if the new law is open to criticism, it is a milestone and protects humanrights in global supply chains for the first time on a national legal level. The discussion about the supply chain law brings the question of corporate responsibility to the table: How can we make globalization humane? How far does responsibility extend? Who bears it? Should we be guided by competitive pressures or by values? Can we do both?

In view of our annual theme, we might also ask: Is the Supply Chain Act more of a mere drop in the bucket or a source of hope?

We would like to thank Dr. Hannes Kuch for his exciting input, Bernd Villhauer for his successful moderation and all the guests for the interesting questions that will continue to accompany us.