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Weltethos for the “Industry 4.0” of the Pacific Alliance

On March 4, 2021, Ulrich Hemel held a keynote speech in front of 937 participants on the topic of “The Digital Epoch, Industry 4.0 and Digital Humanity”.

This was a cooperation event within the framework of the “Partnership for Sustainable Industrial Development – Germany – Pacific Alliance ” (abbreviated PAGSID), which is made up of the BDI, the industry associations of the Pacific Alliance and the Business Council of the Pacific Alliance (CEAP), as well as numerous Latin American trade associations. The topic was the impact of digital transformation on the world of work and the need to build on shared values and goals as the digital division of labor increases. “For this, the global ethic values are a good starting point, especially also with regard to the importance of digital inclusion, so that broad sections of the population are not excluded from the digital world of life and work in the sense of digital illiteracy,” said Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrich Hemel. In particular, the reference to consciously dealing with the areas of one’s own digital non-knowledge attracted a great deal of attention among the participants.

The event and Ulrich Hemel’s lecture were also reported in “El Heraldo de México”.

The video of the event: