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Weltethos (Global Ethic) Against Social Division in Latin America

Grand Chancellor Prof. Ramiro Salas (USIL, Peru) and the Peruvian Ambassador Elmer Schialer, for joint talks as guests at the Global Ethic Institute and the University of Tübingen.

On the initiative of our Institute Director Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrich Hemel, Dr. Ramiro Salas, President of the University San Ignacio de Loyola in Lima (USIL), Peru, and the Peruvian Ambassador in Berlin, Elmer Schialer, accepted Ulrich Hemel’s invitation to meet with the Global Ethic Institute and the University of Tübingen on May 27, 2021.

Dr. Bernd Engler, Rector of the University of Tübingen welcomed the international guests together with Prof. Dr. Monique Scheer, Prorector for International Affairs, Prof. Dr. Josef Schmid, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences and Dr. Christine Rubas, Head of Department V – International Office. The joint discussion dealt with possibilities of cross-university international cooperation.

Ulrich Hemel has been cultivating contacts with Latin America for some time. On the one hand, the interest relates to digital transformation: in April, Hemel gave a digital lecture at USIL on the standard of humanity in the ethical handling of digitalization and artificial intelligence. On the other hand, there is a great demand for expertise on the topic of social market economy in Peru. An understandable interest considering that Latin America is facing the challenges of Venezuelan socialism on the one hand and pure neoliberalism on the other, and the concept of social market economy offers a middle ground.

In the exchange, which lasted more than two hours, possibilities for international cooperation and support were raised through the establishment of chairs that could help promote topics such as global ethics and ethics of global civil society, ethics and digitalization, social market economy in Latin America, and transformation to environmental and financial sustainability. The discussion was positive and promising, and a continuation involving further experts is being sought.