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Weltethos Institute awarded with “Thank You Sculpture”

In April, the Weltethos Institute received the “Thank You Sculpture” for its commitment to the community. The awarding of the sculpture to institutions and individuals is an initiative of education scientist Dr. Faraj Remmo from the University of Bielefeld.

For the past four years, the “Thank You Sculpture” has been awarded worldwide to institutions and individuals who have made a significant contribution to our global society through their work. The sculpture has already reached over 245 institutions and individuals in over 90 countries. Now it has been awarded to the Weltethos Institute. The purpose of awarding the “Thank You Sculpture” is to highlight appreciation and recognition for the individual’s or institution’s commitment to the community. 

The team of the Weltethos Institute is very pleased to have received the award and the Institute’s director Ulrich Hemel sent a “thank you” back to Dr. Remmo: “With your initiative you make a good contribution to the further development of a peaceful world with a civil society that cooperates instead of one that divides and separates. For your commitment, we once again express our gratitude.”

Dr. Remmo, who became aware of the Global Ethic project, especially the person Hans Küng, through the media in the late 1990s and early 2000s, describes “inclusion” and “participatory diversity” as the focus of his work:

“A peaceful future is an inclusive future. Inclusion, from the Latin “includere,” means “to let in” and “to include.” This also involves the equitable distribution of resources within society. In my opinion, this kind of distribution leads to peaceful coexistence. In the future, we hope to engage with everyone, consciously reducing social exclusion and promoting participation for all. In particular, more attention should be paid to the visibility of those who are currently still disadvantaged, as well as to the “multiple self-location” approach. This means that a person can live peacefully in and with a society without having to reduce himself to a single “category.” Each person has the possibility to assign themselves to several “categories” without having to justify this decision. 

“Multiple belonging” must not be perceived as a threat, but as an enrichment and promotion of society in the sense of “Participatory Diversity.” The global ethic idea served here as the cornerstone of the approaches/desires/thoughts I presented.”

Dr. Faraj Remmo with other winners of the “Thank You Sculpture

Photos: Dr. Faraj Remmo