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Weltethos Pitch Day

Photo: imago images/ Matthias Marx

“So, as in politics, so in business, I am concerned with an ethos of responsibility that convincingly combines economic strategies and ethical judgment. This new paradigm of business ethics becomes concrete in that it examines economic action – for all the legitimacy of profit – to see whether it violates higher goods or values. Specifically, whether it is socially acceptable, environmentally acceptable, and sustainable.”

Hans Küng in the foreword to “Anständig wirtschaften – Warum Ökonomie Moral braucht” (Doing Business Decently – Why Economics Needs Morals)

The Global Ethic Institute at the University of Tübingen, together with selected partners, will begin a series of events and initiatives in 2022 with the Global Ethic Pitch Day, which will bring together start-up companies, ethics and potential investors.

The goal is to promote ethically plausible, but also economically viable business models, combined with providing a framework for viable and sustainable innovations. Support is provided for start-ups that already assume responsibility in their business model: Ethics by Design.

In this context, it is particularly important that the start-ups introduce a value orientation as part of their DNA in a resource-creating and benefit-creating manner. This must be proven in a market-oriented way by describable indicators, applied standards, guidelines and practices.

Part of the Global Ethic Pitch Day will be the awarding of a prize for an “ethically sustainable business model” to one or more startups worthy of support.

More information on the call for proposals and the process of the Global Ethic Pitch Day is to be published.