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Courses - Winter term 2024/25

Ethics in International Relations

Dr. Christopher Gohl

Participants of the seminar select three contemporary challenges of a globalized world – in typical examples, the challenges of climate change, of forced migration, the justice of wars and interventions, the future constitution of Europe, or the responsibility of business for global sustainable development –, review these challenges from an ethical point of view, and learn how to exercise their own ethical judgement. How can ethical reflection help us to live together in a shared world? […]

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Management and Ethics

Prof. Dr. Peter Kirchschläger

In the VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity), management has to find the right path facing volatility, uncertainty, as well as complex and ambiguous environments. At the same time, ethics itself is highly complex due to the plurality of ethics and because it goes far beyond following rules and respecting norms. Managers need an even stronger basis of values, ethics and principles to work, partner and collaborate. […]

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