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Entrepreneurship-Veranstaltung mit dem d.a.i. im Juni

Das WEIT setzt seine Zusammenarbeit mit dem Deutsch-Amerikanischen Institut Tübingen (d.a.i.) fort. Am 10. und 11. Juni findet eine Veranstaltung mit Michael Goldberg statt, einem erfahrenen Gründer und Unternehmer, der zahlreiche Start-ups finanziert und beraten hat. Er ist Professor an der Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University. Goldbergs Besuch in Deutschland, dessen Auftaktveranstaltung im Weltethos-Institut stattfindet, wird unterstützt von der US-Botschaft und ermöglicht durch das Programm „German American Spaces“.

Das d.a.i. hat dazu folgende Pressemitteilung veröffentlicht:
Fr. 10.6. / Sa. 11.6. Entrepreneurship: Solving the Problems of Tomorrow with the Skills of Today
Talk and workshop with Michael Goldberg, Cleveland, Ohio. The startup-culture has long been on the agenda of the government of Baden-Württemberg and national SMEs. The number of newly found companies in Germany is smaller than needed to maintain the size of the national economy. As a result, it has become a national goal to accelerate the German startup process, as well as giving possible entrepreneurs a start-up friendly environment. Michael Goldberg is an experienced venture capitalist and international business leader whose teaching is focused on the fields of entrepreneurship and early stage finance and Assistant Professor in the Department of Design and Innovation at the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University. His goal will be to provide potential German founders and startups with a better understanding of transatlantic markets and how to gain access to capital in the U.S.. He will also focus on the risks involved and the strengthening of the local German startup scenes in order to encourage young people to startup their own ventures.
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In cooperation with German American Spaces and the U.S. Embassy, Berlin