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Seminar mit Alejo Sison

Can ancient wisdom provide us with useful lessons for modern business theory and practice? In an exclusive one-week seminar, Professor Dr. Alejo José Sison, Professor for Business Ethics at the Universidad de Navarra (Spain) and former President of the European Business Ethics Network (EBEN), will examine the theoretical and practical challenges of applying Aristotelian virtue ethics to modern business and management. In particular, the course will explore how Aristotle’s ideas on moral capital and leadership can impact more conventional business ethics perspectives. The seminar will be divided into five sessions of two hours each:

I. Introduction: Business Ethics in Practice
II. Moral Capital and Leadership
III. Back to the Future: From the Neoclassical Economic Paradigm to the Aristotelian Paradigm
IV. The Common Good of the Firm
V. Participating in the Common Good of the Firm

To register, please send an email to lehre@weltethos-­ by May 26, 2014. Please indicate your name, programme of study as well as the number of semesters you have completed.