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Introduction to Business Ethics


Dr. Ernst von Kimakowitz



Blockseminar, Masterveranstaltung






Vorbesprechungstermin: Mi. 18.10.17, 10-12 Uhr s.t.

Fr. 03.11.17, 10-17 Uhr s.t.

Sa. 04.11.17, 10-17 Uhr s.t.

Fr. 15.12.17, 10-17 Uhr s.t.

Sa. 16.12.17, 10-17 Uhr s.t.


Weltethos-Institut, Hintere Grabenstraße 26, 72070 Tübingen

Voraussetzungen/ Zielgruppe

Students at Master level studying Economics, Business or related subjects or other social sciences with an interest in business. Participants should have a keen interest in the links between mental models in business and our capacity to address the challenges we face as a global community. In addition a high level of English language skills is required.

Leistungsnachweis /Prüfungsform


Presentation, facilitation of discussion, short paper

up to 6 ECTS



To register, please send an email including your name, birthdate, birthplace, student number and address to Ernst von Kimakowitz Please also indicate your major concentration (also Bachelor/Master) and how many semesters of study you have completed.


02. November 2017

Max. Teilnehmerzahl



Specific literature will be discussed at team level. For an overview and introduction to the topic the following works are recommended:

Blowfield, Michael; Murray, Alan (2008): Corporate responsibility. A critical introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Crane, Andrew; Matten, Dirk (2004): Business ethics. A European perspective. Managing corporate citizenship and sustainability in the age of globalization. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Ulrich, Peter (2008): Integrative Economic Ethics: Foundations of a Civilized Market Economy, Cambridge University Press.


This seminar offers a practical overview of the current debate on business ethics and its underlying presuppositions and theoretical foundations. We will take a look at some of the main challenges we are facing as a global community today and their relationship to business. Participating students will work in teams to analyze the impact business makes on specific socio-economic or environmental challenges and provide concrete examples for both, adverse and constructive effects of business conduct on those challenges. These examples will then be analyzed, regarding their ethical content and the legitimacy of different courses of action.

This seminar offers an interactive learning experience on the fast growing topic of business ethics and is focused on establishing links between theoretical works and their practical implications.