Institute of the Weltethos Foundation
at the University of Tübingen

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Global Ethic in Practice

For the second time, teachers from the Global Ethic Institut were invited to hold a seminar at the TUM Campus Heilbronn on the topic of ethical and moral aspects of intercultural corporate management. A total of 25 students from 15 countries took part in the seminar, which was held by Dr. Bernd Villhauer, Dr. Friedrich Glauner and Anna Tomfeah. The topics, which ranged from “What is global ethics” and “Sustainable business and sustainable business models” to “Ethical and intercultural corporate communication” and “Global ethics and finance”, were well received by the students.

“I haven’t considered ethical issues to play an essential role in leadership and business decisions and will from now on take them into account in my studies und business practice”, said one of the participants at the end of the three-day course.