Institute of the Weltethos Foundation
at the University of Tübingen

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Humanity – Basis and Boundary for a Future in Peace

We were deeply shocked by the horrific terrorist attacks by Hamas on the Jewish holiday of October 7, 2023 in Israel. In the cruelest and largest pogrom since the Shoah, over 1300 people were brutally murdered all for being Jewish. We condemn this genocidal anti-Semitism. Babies, children, daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, grandparents, people with disabilities, people from the Arab community and from 42 other countries of the world: they were all victims of manhunts and massacres, rapes and kidnappings. We strongly condemn these crimes against humanity and those who cheer them.

At the same time, we see the years of suffering of innocent Palestinians. Hamas claims to speak for these people, but takes them hostage. Added to this now since the war is isolation, lack of water, food, lack of security, lack of refuge and future prospects. Among the victims of this conflict there are many children and old people, believers and non-believers, Muslims, Christians and people who simply want a good life in peace for their families. Their voice is not heard, they suffer along with the conflict, but they are neither perpetrators nor instigators.

The Global Ethic Project is a globally recognized peace initiative. The principle of humanity stands at its center: people should treat each other humanely. This principle marks the basis and boundary of all religion, all politics, all economy, all peaceful coexistence and planetary survival. Especially in the case of differences in faith, in world view, in interests.

We are now facing hard questions and are struggling for answers: How can we strengthen our common humanity as the basis of living together, although cruel terror rejects it? How can we justify trust in the capacity for goodness in people? How can we sustain hope for peace through dialogue, moral progress, and human community? What can we effectively do to counter hopelessness and hatred?

Right now, we call on people of all cultures, religions, and political views to actively stand up for humanity. We need to advocate common values of human dignity right now if there is to be a future of peace and security instead of war and destruction. The way to get there is through recognition of our common humanity and through dialogue. Dehumanization, hatred and violence are wrong ways towards even more suffering.

Whether religious or not, we must always try to see the human in the other person rather than the enemy. Now more than ever, we must strengthen the community of those who will not give up on our common humanity under any circumstances. Let us protect the community of those who hold on to the humanity of others by extending it person by person. Peace, security and good coexistence will only exist in the long run if we can turn today’s enemies into tomorrow’s partners.

We will not always be successful in this endeavor. But we must try.
Now more than ever.