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Responsible Communication

The communications industry is in a crisis that touches on its very foundation: its own credibility. According to the “Trust in Communicators” study by the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (euprera), communication professionals enjoy the trust of only 12% of European citizens. On top of this comes the digital change, which is also leading the communications industry into an uncertain future through new technologies such as artificial intelligence. Therein lie opportunities, but also the risk of losing even more trust in an already tense situation.

Communications professionals – players in corporate communications, PR and advertising – bear a great deal of responsibility. Towards their clients, towards their profession and towards society. At the same time, time and personnel are often in short supply nowadays. The communications department does not always have access to all essential information and is not always able to act on an equal footing with executives. And then Big Data makes tempting offers. In such a situation, how can you take your own responsibility into account?

The “Responsible Communication” project was set up to provide answers to this question. Together with strong partners from the communications industry in Baden-Württemberg, the Global Ethic Institute is currently developing a learning programme for the further training of communications professionals with the aim of making them better able to carry out their profession with the necessary ethics. A joint discussion platform enables them to exchange ideas with like-minded people and receive sound advice.

How do I become a project partner?

Are you active within the communications industry or in related fields? Do you want to actively contribute to the further development of professional ethics? Then we look forward to your E-Mail!