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Global Ethic Ambassador Program

Companies are facing major challenges these days: Society’s loss of confidence in the economy is great, international competition for skilled workers is enormous, employee fluctuations are constant, and then there are the global political, ecological and technological developments.

In times of upheaval, good leaders act carefully and try to create values that create meaning and trust. But who helps leaders navigate the future? Where do managers learn to align their risk management sustainably and to strengthen their teams through a culture of trust? How can they identify problem cases in the company early on and avoid mismanagement?

Our “Executive Learning” program for middle and senior management provides awareness of ethical, social and intercultural conflicts in companies and teaches ethical dialog and action skills. This strengthens reputation – both internally and externally – and creates early warning systems to effectively prevent the percolation of responsibility and the concealment of ethical problem cases.

Global businesses need global values in order to foster purpose, cooperation and humanity

In compact, one-day courses, participants are given extensive basic and orientation knowledge so that they can represent the global ethic idea in their own company and beyond and guide its implementation. There is a separate Role Manual for the Global Ethic Ambassadors. Global Ethic Ambassadors are contact persons for ethical questions, challenges and conflicts within their company and in its interaction with its stakeholders. This also includes questions of respectful dealings with religion in everyday life within the company.

When is the Global Ethic Ambassador Program suitable for you?

If you work in a senior position in a larger company and share the Global Ethic values out of conviction.

What you get

After successfully completing the program, you will receive a certificate of successful participation, which certifies that you and your company are qualified to represent the Global Ethic idea in your private and professional environment. If you are also appointed as a Global Ethic Ambassador by your company, you will receive a certificate of mandate issued by the company and the Global Ethic Institute, which is valid for one year and can be renewed. You will then have the opportunity, among other things, to seek the advice of the Global Ethic Institute when ethical challenges arise in your company.

When and where will the program take place?

The next training is scheduled for Friday, September 27th, 2024 from 9:30 am – 5:30 pm. The training location is the Weltethos-Institut, Hintere Grabenstraße 26, 72070 Tübingen, Germany.

Costs and registration:

The cost is EUR 1,000 (plus VAT) as an advance payment. Registration is possible via Mrs. Cornelia Kress ( before 10th of September, 2024.

Recommended reading for preparation (optional):

Küng, Hans (2012): Global Ethic Handbook. A vision and its implementation. Munich: Piper.