Institute of the Weltethos Foundation
at the University of Tübingen

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Weltethos is a learning programme: an offer to determine one’s own attitude in the field of tension between global challenges on the one hand and the fund of ethical, theological, philosophical, economic, political and literary traditions of thought on the other.

Our students find their own voice and ethical judgement in the one and endangered world. To this end we practice “Dialogue in Diversity”. This is the combination being able to find one’s own point of view on the one hand and being open to other viewpoints on the other. Accordingly, our courses are spaces of dialogue and mutual learning. Lecturers and speakers from research and practice address forms of global ethical responsibility in business and everyday life. Classical seminars and lectures are complemented by research and practical seminars as well as the special learning spaces within our World Citizen School.

Our diverse range of courses is ideal for the generation of responsible designers of tomorrow.