Institute of the Weltethos Foundation
at the University of Tübingen

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Werte & Vision

Values and Vision

Based on the Global Ethic principles “Humanity” and the “Golden Rule”, the Institute is committed to the values of “non-violence”, “justice”, “truthfulness”, “gender equality and partnership” and “ecological responsibility” as a bridge-builder between science and business. For example, in practice transfer with the “Global Ethic Ambassador Program” for managers, the “Responsible Communication” project and the “Social Innovation Program” of our World Citizen School for start-ups and student initiatives. The Global Ethic idea is also used in seminars, lectures and events as a “learning program for self- and global responsibility”. For example, within the framework of the certificates “Global Ethic in Companies and Organizations” and “Law – Ethics – Business”. Research focuses on the topics “Global Ethic and Artificial Intelligence”, “Sustainable Economic Activity”, “Financial Ethics” and “Social Innovation”.

Global Ethic? What is that?

For peaceful and constructive coexistence to be possible, all human communities need a basis of basic values that they share. This applies to the family, school or business as well as to society in general. Today, in the age of the Internet, globally active politics and business, and increasingly multicultural societies, a basic consensus on values and norms is needed that applies regardless of culture, religion or nationality.

The idea of a global ethic goes back to the Catholic theologian Hans Küng. In his empirical research around the globe, he found that all world religions and philosophical-humanistic approaches already share fundamental values and moral concepts. The Golden Rule, for example, according to which one should behave towards one’s fellow human beings as one would like to be treated oneself, can be found in all traditions. The demand that all people should be treated humanely and values such as non-violence, justice, truthfulness and partnership between men and women are also found in all traditions.


The Global Ethic Institute (WEIT) strives for a world in which people reflect on the norms, values, ideals and goals that unite them: the Global Ethic. This foundation strengthens the willingness and ability to cooperate in order to address problems of global economy, global ecology and global politics in a consensual and joint manner. The Institute contributes to this as a pioneer of excellent research and as an advocate of practical measures. In doing so, it theoretically legitimizes the Global Economic Ethic and promotes its effective transfer into practice.