Institute of the Weltethos Foundation
at the University of Tübingen

Global ethic in communication is the respectful struggle for constructive dialogue.

Anna Tomfeah M.A.

Anna Tomfeah has been the head of press and public relations since December 2017. She studied General Rhetoric and Sociology in Tübingen and Frankfurt with a focus on “persuasion and power”, “linguistic construction of reality” and “rhetorical narcissism”. Between 2013 and 2017, she worked as a tutor for conversation skills at the University of Tübingen and as a freelance PR consultant in a full-service agency. In 2019 Anna Tomfeah together with Heidrun Haug founded the practice project “Responsible Communication” – an initiative for more ethos in corporate communications. In July 2021, the joint book “Glaubwürdige Unternehmenskommunikation – Impulse für eine verantwortungs- und wirkungsvolle Praxis” (Credible Corporate Communication – Impulses for Responsible and Effective Practice) was published, co-edited by Anna Tomfeah.
Since April 2022 she is co-founder and managing partner of the ResCom Academy for Responsible Corporate Communication

Anna Tomfeah M.A.
Head of Public Relations