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Money Creation and Debt

On New Economic Thinking with Maurice Höfgen and Modern Money Theory

The indebtedness of states, the inflation rates for goods and services, the necessary investments for an ecological transformation – these topics are on the minds of many people. And it is precisely these areas that Modern Money Theory (MMT), which has been brushing economic self-evident facts against the grain for 20 years, is concerned with. On January 21 and 22, the well-known Youtuber (“Money for the World”) and economist Maurice Höfgen presented MMT and explained in an evening lecture and a half-day workshop why, in his view, it addresses the right problems. At the joint event of attac and the Global Ethic Institute, some of the 60 guests in total were amazed: “I’ve never seen it like this before.” Whether MMT will prove itself in practice and theory, only time will tell – but in any case, it encourages people to deal with the core issues of financial policy in an undogmatic way. This was done at a high level in the event and with thoroughly critical questions. The speaker Höfgen took a lot of time, gave his all and was able to say at the end, after professionally strong discussions, “Now I’m really talked out of my mind!” A joint YouTube video is already being planned.