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Good leadership and ethical dilemmas

On March 18, 2022, the fourth Ambassador training took place for the fourth time the Global Ethic Institute. After a short introduction, Dr. Christopher Gohl gave the participants an introduction to the history of the Global Ethic project: How did the project come into being, who were the central actors and what role does the focus on economy and society play in it? Afterwards, the director of the institute and founder of the Ambassador Program, Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrich Hemel, explained in his lecture how the foundations for concrete business and leadership practice are derived from the project at the institute. As always, there was also room for interaction and exchange.

Dealing with ethical dilemmas in corporate management

In the interactive part, this training focused in particular on raising awareness in dealing with ethical issues and problem cases. How can managers make ethical decisions and best deal with ethical dilemma situations – be they internal, external or in interaction with stakeholders?

The focus primarily on the complexity of ethical dilemmas. Using a concrete example, a single, supposedly trivial dilemma was examined from three different perspectives. The result: On the basis of the problem raised, three very different ways of dealing with it emerged. Through joint exchange, implicit values and ethical aspects could be illuminated.

The team of the Global Ethic Institute always tries to build bridges in order to learn from, with and for business and society. Combining practice and theory is often not an easy task. The training aims to promote the ability to speak and act ethically in a practical but theoretically sound manner. It is all the more gratifying for all involved if this succeeds more and more. The method toolbox, which has been set up and further developed at the Institute since the program was founded, therefore deserves special attention.

“In the meantime, the Global Ethic Institute has developed an extensive toolbox, which should basically be a must-have for every manager. With this toolbox, executives are simply better able to resolve conflicts and dilemmas that (can) arise almost daily in everyday leadership,” said participant Michael Kohlhaas, Managing Director of 100 PersEnt GmbH – Unternehmensberatung für den Mittelstand.

At the end, the participants received the certificates that identify them as Global Ethic Ambassadors with immediate effect.

Further information about the Global Ethic Ambassador Program can be found here. 
The next training date will take place on September 30, 2022.