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Everything new – How companies become sustainable

A conversation about forward-looking entrepreneurship and sustainable investment with Dr. Frieder Glauner und Dr. Bernd Villhauer

“If companies want to align themselves in a way that is fit for the future, holistic, and sustainable, they need new entrepreneurial thinking,” says Dr. Friedrich Glauner (lecturer at the Weltethos Institute). Together with Dr. Bernd Villhauer, he has written the book “Alles Neu” (published by UVK Verlag on April 12), which describes the many challenges facing companies in an extremely dynamic and disruptive environment. It then also shows paths to solutions that not only solve the economic problem, but also focus on social as well as ecological responsibility and value-oriented actions. The book highlights that in the mid and long term, corporate success can be ensured if the business model with symbiotic value added is aligned with the universal principles of success with which nature organizes its exchange processes. Dr. Glauner continues, “We need to move out of the economic logic of returns to a holistic logic of capital, where topics such as meaningful capital, motivational capital, returns on cooperation, returns on resource creation, and similar topics are represented, mapped, and made plannable in entrepreneurial design processes.”

About the authors:

Dr. Friedrich Glauner has 20 years of practical experience as an entrepreneur and manager with his own start-up experience, as well as 16 years of experience in transdisciplinary teaching and research on the drivers of human and institutional action. He researches and teaches at the Weltethos Institute on Sustainable Business Models.

Dr. Bernd Villhauer is Managing Director of the Weltethos Institute at the University of Tübingen. After completing an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk and studying philosophy, he worked for various companies, most recently as head of editing for an academic publishing group. His current focus is on ethics and finance.

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