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The Global Ethic Project and the Meaning of Freedom

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Dr. Jonathan Keir, Prof. Dr. Claus Dierksmeier


Seminar; Masterveranstaltung





Wochentag / Uhrzeit

Mittwochs, ab 26.10.2016; 15- 17 Uhr c.t.


Weltethos-Institut; Hintere Grabenstraße 26

Voraussetzungen / Zielgruppe

Masterstudents, Bachelorstudents from 5th semester or above

Leistungsnachweis / Prüfungsformen / ECTS

Presentation and Paper
3 or 6 ECTS

AnmeldungTo register, please send an email including your name, student number and address to Dr. Jonathan Keir ( Please also indicate your major concentration and how many semesters of study you have completed.


Max. Teilnehmerzahl


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Beschreibung This course explores the complex relationship between ethics and the idea of freedom. On the one hand, ethical decision-making – if it is to deserve the name ‘ethical’ – requires a climate of freedom rather than one of violence or coercion, but on the other, ethics without a sense of necessity seems meaningless. We consider a variety of responses – both Western and Eastern – to this dilemma, with readings drawn from a range of philosophical, literary, theological and social scientific texts. The implications of these various answers for economics, management, political science and intercultural dialogue will be discussed with a view to shaping the Global Ethic agenda of curriculum reform in these areas. Students will also be given an overview of the Global Ethic Project and encouraged to shape ongoing debates at the Global Ethic Foundation via class presentations and discussions as well as a final essay on a relevant topic of their own choice.